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Land covered by informal settlements

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Tanzania currenty has data on these targets for Goal 11 in their national policies.

Target 11.1

Safe and Affordable Housing

1/1 covered

Target 11.2

Affordable and Sustainable Transport Systems

1/1 covered

Target 11.3

Inclusive and Sustainable Urbanization

2/2 covered

Target 11.4

Protect the World’s Cultural and Natural Heritage

0/1 covered

Target 11.5

Reduce the Adverse Effects of Natural Disasters

0/2 covered

Target 11.6

Minimize the Environmental Impact of Cities

0/2 covered

Target 11.7

Build Safe and Inclusive Green Public Spaces

0/2 covered

Target 11.a

Strong National and Regional Development Planning

0/1 covered

Target 11.b

Implement Policies for Inclusion, Resource Efficiency and Disaster Risk Reduction

2/2 covered

Target 11.c

Support Least Developed Countries in Sustainable and Resilient Building

0/0 covered

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